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Berry Day 3

He greets me in the morning by sitting on the deck, super sweet little guy! Mid morning he wanders out into the middle of the yard to be fed by his mom. Yep he is still that young and little that he is being fed the bugs etc that his mom throws up into his mouth. 

Most of the time he just chills out and tries to stay out of the way of all other animals. I am kind of shocked that a cat hasn’t found him yet but very pleased that he feels my house is a comfortable safe place. I would have to agree with him.

This little guy fell out of a tree the other day… I tried to be responsible and not pick him up because his parents were around. I simply hoped he was a fast learner and wished him luck. This morning my neighbors dog was chasing it on to my deck. I got the dogs away and he found his way to my bike tire. I hope he grows quickly so he becomes strong enough and is protected enough to be able to fly soon; but for now he can be my study buddy. I will name him berry!

So I figured out the other day that I am legitimately afraid to fall in love. My life might be more challenging than I had originally thought… but in My world self discovery is always a positive experience :) 

The message from my heart is please take care of me but I think I am listening to it in an odd way… Im pretty sure it would like another heart to hold hands with someday…

My dog is awesome

My dog is awesome

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars Cover (by kinagrannis)

Matt Hires - A Perfect Day (by privatepracticemusic)

Kinda love that I taught with Matt’s wife when this came out on Private Practice… doesnt change the fact that I adore him and his sound 

Like my iPod stuck on replay